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Education is the Answer
….AND our relationships!


Education is not just for school or job advancement. It is absolutely critical to everyday life. Through conversations in my everyday life, books, YouTube videos, websites, documentaries, I learn new things every day.

When you or someone in your home struggles with ADHD, it is up to all parties involved to become part of the solution instead of remaining part of the problem. And in most situations, it will have to start with the person or people who DON’T have the disorder. No matter what you believe about ADHD, I am telling you that it is physically, mentally, and emotionally outside of the realm of possibility for the person who had ADHD. It isn’t a matter of unwillingness, but in a lot of cases not being aware.


One book I found very useful when I first started to realize that this was my issue was “Driven from Distraction” by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey. It is very insightful. Another suggestion I have for you is to find someone else who is also living with ADHD, but from the opposite side from where you are. If you HAVE it find someone else who is LIVING with someone who has it, and visa versa. I have had the opportunity to interact with two people so far in exactly that capacity. I have been told by both that it helped them a lot to hear me explain what it was like to suffer from it. And it did help me to hear from them as well.


For the person afflicted, it can be extremely frustrating and very often depressing. (ADHD Is Not My Fault — But It Still Makes Me Feel Like a Failure) They are most likely down on themselves a great deal of time because they feel like there is something wrong with them. This is exacerbated but the fact that those around them are also frustrated with them. It is a double whammy. They are desperate to fix it but they feel utterly helpless to do so. They often build up resentment toward others for being completely unsympathetic, cold, and judgmental.

The person living with the afflicted see the ADHD sufferer as lazy, disorganized and often narcissistic. They are frustrated that they are constantly having to pick up the pieces and do more of the work because they are getting very little help. The too, often grow to resent the other person for all of these thing.


The solution is for YOU to start educating yourself as much as possible. And by you I mean whomever is reading this article. Whichever side of this issue you are on, you are the one who cares enough to be seeking information. YOU need to be the first one to break the cycle.  Nothing will change without someone taking the first step to bring education to the situation.

Teaching Woes – A perspective on kids with ADD/ADHD

Image of child struggling to focus in a classroom.
How many of you who are teacher’s have not had at least one student every year that can’t stand still. Interrupts your lessons with  questions that have nothing to do with the lesson, and generally just doesn’t seem to pay attention when you are teaching. Maybe, just maybe, this child has ADHD. The bigger problem comes when the student has no idea that they have ADHD. This may be because it hasn’t been diagnosed. It may be because Mom and Dad are not aware of it, or they are in denial, or they just don’t believe that their child is struggling with this.

The sad truth is that there is still quite a negative connotation still attached to ADHD for many people.

I think that as teachers, there are many ways that we can help children in this situation. In my classroom, I am very open with the kids about the fact that I struggle with this. I don’t play it up, or make a big deal about it. I only mention it casually when I notice a student struggling. For instance, one day during a class, I noticed a student was very frigidity. So I started joking around with him and told him that I felt like that sometimes. I told him that if he wanted to get rid of his chair and stand up at his computer, that was perfectly fine with me.

I also read one time about a teacher that put some type of a peddling contraption under all of her students desks and this helped with their productivity. There are always things you can do in the classroom that will make your life and the lives of your students with ADHD easier.

For more information on coping with ADHD in the classroom, here is a link to a website that I found helpful: