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Letting GO

Christianity, Parenting, Relationships
Impartiality is one of the character traits that God has given me and continues to hone as I get older. Sometimes this causes people that I love very much to feel like I don't have their back, so to speak. That is never my intent. Being impartial, to me, simply means being on GOD's side. The side of truth. Being impartial when the situation is personal and emotions are running high is much more difficult than when we are a third party. But this is when it is most crucial to step back and look at the situation as objectively as possible. No matter how scared, angry, bitter, offended, hurt (or any other words you can come up with) we feel, attempting to  CONTROL  the outcome of a situation is…
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Understanding the basics

Part of my last job was teaching K-12th grade students Computer Information Technology. While I was teaching my students, I myself was a student at our local community college working on a Web Design Degree. This combination of circumstances offered me a unique opportunity. The students that were coming out of high school were lacking what I consider to be a vital piece of the technology puzzle; the basics. Problem-solving and critical thinking are the root of the basics. With the advantage of learning computers from the beginning, I learned CLI and Basic programming before GUI was even a thing (Fascinated with Electronics). And back then, the only place to get information was from the two three-ring binders that came with our PC (The first model released to the public…
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